It's been a wild first few weeks, with plenty of ups and downs. But to sit at 5-1 headed into the final weekend of Midseason Madness Qualifiers, with the best opening record in franchise history, is about as good as we could have asked for.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and messages for Izayaki. We're thrilled that he's now feeling well enough to return to our training facility, and even scrimmage a map or two, as he continues his path to recovery. We were able to go 3-1 in his absence thanks in large part to the team’s ability to remain flexible and find ways to win even in less than ideal circumstances. 

As we head into our final qualifying matches, we need every voice cheering as loud as they can at our upcoming watch party. Atlanta has stormed to the front of the pack, but I truly believe we're one of the few teams equipped with the players, coaches, and fans to give them a run for their money. 

We'll need to keep spirits and energy high for Sunday's match against the San Francisco Shock. That will determine if we automatically qualify to fly to Korea (home for much of our team!), or need to duke it out in the play-in tournament. 

Regardless of this weekend’s outcome, we're so grateful to the fans that have stuck with us as we continue to grow and improve. It means so much, and we will do everything we can to bring home some wins to thank you.

Yours In Gaming,
Aaron "PRE" Heckman
General Manager
Boston Uprising

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