Hello from Korea!

We're so excited to represent the city of Boston and all our fans at Midseason Madness this week.

The players had a chance to reconnect with friends and family back home after the last few months in the U.S. They're now locked in to performing our best in the tournament bracket.

Our path to the tournament was a smooth one! After missing automatic qualification by just one match, we tore through the play-in bracket, culminating in a 3-0 victory over the LA Gladiators.

To help adjust for jet lag, get some time practicing with our APAC friends, and give the players time to see family, we came to Korea ASAP. They've been adjusting well since.

Our first match will be against the Houston Outlaws, a team we've been hungry to play. This will be a critical match to set the tone for the week. The match will be a bit late on the east coast, but try to catch it if you can! We'll also be putting out highlights for those keeping more rational sleeping hours 😊

While we have big expectations for this tournament, I also want to take a moment to reflect on what a successful season we have had thus far.

This will be the first LAN opportunity for the Uprising in years, the best start to a season in franchise history, and in my opinion the strongest roster we have ever had. Our coaches have worked tirelessly at the colossal task of bringing together so many different and strong players, and we are finally seeing things click.

It may seem crazy to say, but we feel we still have so much more to improve on. The support and joy from the fans seeing us turn the ship around has been key to keeping us going.

Thank you all again for your support. We’ll see you back in Boston soon!

Aaron "PRE" Heckman
General Manager
Boston Uprising

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