Oxygen Esports nation,

We cannot tell you how excited we are to announce the next step in our journey. Today we welcome the Boston Uprising, Kraft Sports & Entertainment, and all of their fans to the OXG family in a historic deal that makes Oxygen Esports the largest esports organization in New England and one of the largest in the world. With most of our founding team having grown up cheering for Boston and New England sports teams, it has been a dream of ours to work with the legendary Kraft Sports & Entertainment group, Danny Ainge, and the Gronkowski family and attempt to contribute to the legacy of Boston sports by bringing major esports championships to title town.

With this deal and a fresh infusion of capital from Boston’s sharpest sports and esports minds, we are excited to officially announce that there will be a Boston franchise competing in the Call of Duty League for the 2022 season. While there is plenty more to come on what our future in CDL looks like, we are thrilled to have already signed a General Manager and Head Coach (stay tuned in the next day or so for details there). We believe with our current management staff that our roster will be a competitive, fan-favorite from day one and grow into a perennial contender for years to come.

For our new fans in the Boston Uprising community and our existing OXG fans, what does this mean for all our rosters and players you know and love? Short answer, more of the same but better! We are happy to announce that the Boston Uprising will continue to be led by Huk and we believe that the roster he and the team have constructed in the offseason will be a force in the upcoming OWL season. For OXG, we will continue to compete in R6, Rocket League, VALORANT, Halo, Apex, HOTS, Hearthstone, and Magic, in addition to Call of Duty and Overwatch.

What will be different? A lot, but all in positive ways. With OXG, the Boston Uprising, and the Boston Call of Duty team underneath one banner, you will see a ton more exciting cross-title content featuring all your favorite players. We will be growing our management team side as well as on the content and player side to support our growth. Our team is dreaming up new and exciting ways for our fans to engage with our players and brand…think new merchandise, digital items, and exclusive experiences. Finally, expect a huge emphasis on physical, in-person activations and tournaments that will help continue to mold the esports ecosystem in New England and beyond. Our goal at OXG is not only to compete at the highest level but to offer every gamer an equitable opportunity to compete and enjoy esports as the pros do.

While we have a lot of new developments on the OXG front, one thing we hope never changes is your dedication to and support of OXG. Without our group of diehard fans across the globe we would be nothing and for that, THANK YOU! We are excited to have you riding shotgun in the next stage of our journey…and we are only getting started.


Murph Vandervelde

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