Hello OXG Fam! It is with great joy and excitement that today we unveil a complete overhaul of our Oxygen Esports branding. I am so proud of our entire teams’ work elevating our branding to reflect where we are today and our mission moving forward. I truly believe this will resonate with our fans both new and old. 

For those who have been with us since day one, you know we have refreshed our logo and wordmark since inception, but the rebrand today represents the next era for Oxygen Esports. Before diving into the reason for the rebrand, many do not know why we chose Oxygen Esports as our name in the first place. Oxygen Esports was created to breathe new life into the esports eco-system from an organizational perspective with our focus competitive excellence fueled data driven talent identification, physical activations (through our similarly elemental named Helix eSports facilities) and our belief in the importance of local fandom for local esports. The 1773 throughout our branding ties the year Oxygen was discovered as an element, to our home city, Boston, where an act of defiance in the Boston Tea Party started a revolution that changed the world. This renegade mindset is what has driven us from day one, to upset the status quo and take on longstanding monarchs in the esports space. 

Now, to look forward, why the rebrand? In short, we feel our new branding encapsulates how much we have grown and connects our new franchises, the Boston Breach and Boston Uprising, back to Oxygen. From our humble beginnings as a scrappy upstart in Rocket League and Rainbow Six, to now competing in the most coveted esports leagues on planet earth against tier one organizations it has been a wild ride. I remember our first major LAN ever back from the pandemic, hearing OXG being chanted in the Raleigh Convention Center for our R6 roster and the first time the Breach took center stage in early 2022, we have some of the best fans in the world. Speaking of fans, we have welcomed so many new fans into the into the OXG family in the last 2 years though the Boston Uprising and Boston Breach, while growing the organic OXG fanbase and we want our branding to represent our entire fanbase moving forward.

We have never truly had a standalone logo and believe our new icon ties in elements (pun intended) from across our entire portfolio. The hurricane ties back to our namesake Oxygen while also keeping the O. The X connects our Boston Breach branding into the logo as well as the X in OXG, while serving as the eye of the storm. The intent behind the logo is embracing the duality of nature: On the one hand, nature is calming, restorative and nurturing. This manifests in our commitment to building an engaging fan community and nurturing the next generation of esports stars through our esports programming and academy system. On the other hand, if you challenge nature or find yourself on the wrong side of it, it is destructive and all powerful. The more sinister side of nature is emblematic of our commitment to competitive excellence. When our rosters compete, they will not let anything stand in their way. We won’t start a fight, but we will end it.

We would be nothing without our fans and hope you enjoy the new look and feel as much as we do. With that said, I am asking you all to continue to share our message. We hope that you all choose to embrace the duality of nature, being kind and accepting to all those around you while also embracing a never satisfied work ethic and drive to excel in which ever field you choose. This brand is as much yours as it is ours and we are inspired by our fans’ every day.

The future is bright, and we are going nowhere! 

Embrace the elements,

Murph Vandervelde, Co-Founder & President

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